VIDEO - World of Difference, a payed job for one year in Kenya

In 2013, I won a Dutch competition of the Vodafone Foundation: a paid job for one year in Kenya. In 2014, I took off to Kenya with the mission to create an online platform for Kenyan youth to give them direct access to information about sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). To understand the local needs, I conducted a survey among Kenyan youth, both in-school as out-of-school youth. Together with my Dutch and Kenyan colleagues we managed to set up the platform, which is still in use today:

2014 was a challenging year for me, due to the unpredictable (and sometimes unsafe) circumstances I found myself in. But it was a valuable experience; I learned working in a multicultural team; teaching groups of students; and presenting the project for other organisations involved.

Furthermore, I had a chance to explore Kenya and neighbouring countries and learn more about the different life ways of the Kenyan people.

Video credits: Maurice Media